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Top Window Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Another tedious chore needs to be done – you need to wash your windows. Since you are not an expert in cleaning like Go Tenancy Cleaning experts that offer efficient end of tenancy cleaning in Aldwych WC2, you might be repeating common mistakes that force you to redo your work. However, to make sure you…

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3 Key Areas in Kensington and Chelsea

There is very little doubt that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is among the finest boroughs for both living and doing business. Benefiting from a long tradition, proximity to the very heart of the English capital and, of course, from the unique atmosphere here, this Royal Borough has become one of the most…

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What Will Happen If You Stop Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning chores can be annoying, especially when you have to spend your only two free days of the week vacuuming and dusting around the house. We have all had that moment of rebelliousness in which we decide to just stop cleaning for a week. But sooner or later, our strike comes to an end. But…

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Simple Cleaning Chores Offer Instant Results

There are some cleaning chores you are occasionally allowed skip doing. Things, like cleaning the windows or emptying the cabinets in the kitchen and cleaning them on the inside, can be done once every couple of months and it would not make much of a difference if you deal with them every couple of weeks,…

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Cleaning Chores You Can Actually Overlook

It is always good to be thorough and meticulous when doing cleaning chores around the house. However, in some cases, you can tone things down a bit. Unless you are moving out of your home and you need to do a moving-out cleaning in order to get your tenancy deposit back. In any other case,…

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The City of Westminster Described in Four Areas

Westminster is a city and a London Borough that consists of a little over 20 districts. However, four of them seem to perfectly capture the cornerstone aspects of its character. They are quite different from one another and yet they are united by the fact that they are located in the City of Westminster –…

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Six Simple and Effective Green Cleaning Tips

Baking soda

Green cleaning is becoming more and more popular because it is effective and you don’t have to use dangerous toxic cleaners that are not only risky for your health but also are: A great threat to our environment; More expensive; Neither pet nor child-friendly; Not suitable for all types of surfaces and fabrics; Here are…

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Cleaning the Planet

Green planet

Renewable sources of energy make headlines in London and the world over. Citizens are concerned about the future of the planet. Curiously enough, Londoners are keen on making money, but they are also inclined to demand that that money comes from credible and ethical sources. It is an understandable decision, and environmentally and socially conscious…

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Items you need to Clean more often in your Home


You dust, vacuum, wash the dishes and do everyday chores that seem “obvious” but there are few items in your house that demand more attention. Deep clean is necessary from time to time in your house. Here are some tips on what items you need to clean more often to improve the quality of your…

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Living with a Sloppy Roommate


Being tidy and neat is a virtue of many people but there are people who simply do not pay attention to whether their living space is clean or not. Perhaps they do not realize it or feel the need to do some cleaning around the place but if that person is your roommate, problems might…

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