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Unpacking Master: What to Unpack First after You Move in

Unpacking is probably one of the most annoying tasks after moving. This is perhaps because you are so tired of all those boxes, packing, preparing, moving and other. You are finally glad that the main part of your removal is behind you but you still have things to do and errands to take care of. After your pre-tenancy cleaning is done

Be patient, you are almost there. Do not feel overwhelmed and plan your unpacking ahead. Check out the following tips on what to unpack first and how to still find the time to enjoy your new home.

Furniture placing

It would be ideal to get to know the new place prior your move in order to determine where to put your furniture. It would be great if you could plan how to make the best of your space and where to place furniture pieces. So, if you haven’t had the chance to see your new home prior removal, make sure you arrive half of hour earlier before your movers to figure out where to put the couch, piano and other large pieces.

Furniture assembling

One of the first pieces of furniture you should assemble on the first day at your new home is your bed. This is the only way to enjoy your first night in your new home and finally get a good night sleep. In fact, this is mandatory, especially if you have children. After this is done, you can continue with the dining table, your desk, shelves and other. Decide what you will use the most and start with that.

Large appliances

UnpackingOn the first day of your move, make sure you install large appliances. Whether you are moving your old ones or you have bought the new pieces, search the manuals to check how to install refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and other appliances. If you are not sure about how to do it, ask for professional help.

Where is your essentials box?

Yes, find your essentials box and unpack it on your first day in your new house. Hopefully, the box is filled with items you will need for your first day and night. Clothes, towels, shampoos, snacks, drinks, emergency contacts, some cash, and you are good to go. You won’t have to search for your toothbrush around the boxes. You have everything you need in one place. Leave unpacking other boxes for tomorrow.

Order a pizza or eat out

After you are done assembling and placing furniture, installing appliances and unpacking your essentials box, it is time to relax and order a take out. Order a pizza and talk about your day and your plans for tomorrow. If you have kids, this part is very important as they will remember this day as the day they had fun helping you out and ordering a pizza for entire family. If you prefer eating out, this is your unique opportunity to get to know the neighbourhood and visit a local restaurant.