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Cleaning Chores You Can Actually Overlook

It is always good to be thorough and meticulous when doing cleaning chores around the house. However, in some cases, you can tone things down a bit. Unless you are moving out of your home and you need to do a moving-out cleaning in order to get your tenancy deposit back. In any other case, however, you should give yourself a break and make your weekly cleaning routine easier and faster. In fact, you can even do that with your moving-out duties, if you use reliable end of tenancy cleaning services in Beckton E6, E16, IG11. The cleaning chores that can be overlooked are those that:

  • Do not need to be carried out every single day or every single week;
  • Do more harm than good to your home;
  • Most people do in a wrong way;

Cleaning the bottom part of your oven

Yes, we know – that sounds quite scandalous. But keep in mind that most other tips in this article do too. Cleaning the bottom part of your oven is an annoying task but you can stop bothering with it… if you cover it with aluminium foil. In that way, when the food you are cooking spills inside the oven, it will all go on the aluminium foil. Toss it in the bin, put a new one and voila! Your oven remains clean and you do not need to spend an entire afternoon scrubbing it.

Giving your microwave a hard scrub

Speaking of scrubbing, did you know that you do not need to scrub your microwave oven either? Using aggressive and abrasive cleaning products to remove food debris from your microwave can easily scratch and damage its surface. There is a simpler and more effective solution. Put a bowl of water in it and boil it. The steam will soften the food debris and it will allow you to easily wipe them off from your microwave’s interior.

Vacuuming every inch with the same regularity

If you have the habit to vacuum your home more than once a week, you can skip the rooms in which there is less traffic. Don’t worry about the quality of your carpets. They will not get dirty beyond recognition if you vacuum them just once a week. In fact, their appearance will be better preserved if you clean them three or four times a month and use a comprehensive carpet cleaning service in London every 6 months.

Wiping your dishes

Drying your freshly-washed dishes with a towel is not as hygienic as you think it is. Most people, use the same towel to wipe their dishes for a whole week. That is more than enough time for bacteria and germs to take over your tea towel. This means that while you use it to dry your clean dishes, you will actually transfer an entire colony of germs on each of them. Therefore, it is best if you just leave your dishes and mugs to dry on their own.

Using furniture polish every single week

Furniture polish can quickly make your furniture pieces shine and it can also prolong their lifespan. Nevertheless, if you clean with such a product every week, it will have the opposite effect. It will create a thin layer of built-up furniture polish which will start to act like a dust magnet. Using furniture polish once every 2-3 weeks is enough.