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Handy Tips for Cleaning Leather

Leather goods are very popular due to their durability and their appealing look. We love leather bags, furniture and other items made of leather but maintaining such products demands special care. You might have to remove stains, grease and other dirt out of your leather sofa without damaging it. There are few effective cleaning strategies and products when cleaning leather goods and we bring you a few handy ones.

How to clean leather furniture?

The time has come to give your comfortable leather furniture a fresher look. Whether you are moving out of your apartment and have to clean the place up (in which case we would recommend you to use only licensed home removals in London) or you just want to get rid of stains, your goal is to revive leather materials without damaging them. You can always hire professional end of tenancy cleaning services in Castelnau SW13 to clean your leather furniture or learn more about leather care and do it by yourself. Before you start with cleaning, you should first vacuum the furniture. Then, apply a small concentration of mild detergent used for delicate clothes onto a microfiber cloth and wipe the furniture. Using a different cloth, wipe again with clean water and repeat the process until the soap residue is gone. Let it dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight. Remember to spot test the cleaning product on a small area first and never use paper towels when wiping because it can disintegrate and become embedded in the leather.

Purses and bags – the best ways to clean them

How often do you clean your leather bags or purses? Probably not as frequent as you should. Since such items are used outdoors and often placed on the floor, they end up with spots and stains most people don’t know how to remove without damaging the material. Using regular soap or detergent is not a good idea because these cleaning products can cause cracking or dry patches. Instead, try this solution:

  • Use 1 part mild soap and 8 parts of distilled or bottled water
  • Put the mixture into a spray bottle
  • Spray the solution onto a microfiber cloth (never directly onto the leather)
  • Wipe the dirt going with the grain of the leather
  • After it dries naturally, use leather moisturiser to nourish the material

Steam cleaning – yes or no?

Steam cleaning leather is recommended from time to time to remove germs and surface dirt. This method is effective in maintaining your living environment hygienic and you can use it without risking damage to your leather goods, especially leather upholstery. However, you might have to spot treat stains and spots first. You can rent steam cleaning equipment or hire a top-notch cleaning company in London that will revive your sofas and other leather furniture.

Homemade cleaning products for cleaning leather

Apart from steam cleaning and using soap and detergent, you can also use natural products for cleaning leather. Did you know that you can remove stains and spots by using a mixture of lemon juice and cream of tartar? Vinegar will keep leather materials healthy. If you want to add shine to your leather sofa, you can use natural oils.