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Get Ready for the Holidays – Clean the Guest Room

Christmas is a family holiday and most people spend it in the company of their relatives. If this year, it is your turn to host the annual holiday dinner and you are expecting some guests from out of town, you should get your guest room ready by:

  • Thoroughly clearing it
  • Meticulously cleaning it
  • Taking your time to establish a comfortable atmosphere
  • Prepping all the small necessities which your guests may need to use during their stay

If you do not have a designated room or area for guests, we will give you a few tips on how to manage the situation like a boss.

How to prepare your guest room for your Christmas guests?

Do not leave this task for the last minute. Instead, take care of it a couple of days before your guests show up on your door. If you are hosting an entire holiday dinner, you certainly have more than enough on your plate already.

Step 1 – Get rid of clutter

Many families use their spare room to “temporary” store items such as old furniture, clothes, etc. If you too have that habit, you need to quickly declutter. If find any unwanted items among the possessions you keep there, try selling or donating them. In case that plan of action fails, simply throw them away. If you want to keep those belongings, hire a dependable man with a van in London and have them transported to a local storage facility where they can stay during the festive season or even after that.

Step 2 – Prep the bed

Clean the mattress and change the bedding, especially if the room has not been used for a long time. You do not need to deep clean the mattress through. Vacuuming it should be enough unless you have a hairy pet that likes to take a nap on it every now and then. When that is the case, use the assistance of a reliable cleaning company that offers a vast range of services – from one-off and deep sensitisation solutions to quality end of tenancy cleaning in Charlton SE7, for instance.

Step 3 – Clean the furniture

Use your vacuum cleaner’s different attachments to property clean the upholstery furniture in your spare bedroom. Do not forget to do the same with the curtains.

Step 4 – Clear out the wardrobe

Make room for the clothes of your guests. Don’t force them to live out of their suitcases during their stay in your home.

Step 5 – Vacuum the floor and dust all surfaces

Clean the floors and then dust. Never break this simple rule unless you want to dust two times instead of just one.

Don’t forget the guest bathroom and toilet

Sanitise the bathroom and toilet which will be used by your guests. No matter how clean your spare bedroom is, you will make a really bad impression if your toilet or shower is dirty.

Go beyond cleaning

Provide your guests will simple necessities which they may need such as an alarm clock, toilet paper, serviettes, clean towels, soap, hair and body wash. Also, make an effort to create a homely and welcoming feeling in the room by leaving some sweets, flowers or candles on the nightstand.

No guest room? No problem

If you do not have a spare bedroom, invest in a nice and sturdy inflatable bed or declutter your living room so that your guests can feel more comfortable even if they have to sleep on the sofa.