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How to speed clean your newly leased house

Steam mopPre-tenancy cleaning doesn’t have to be boring, stressful and time consuming. In fact, would you believe us if you told you that you can sanitise your entire newly rented home, top-to-bottom in less than one hour? The truth is that you should because even the most daunting tasks like cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently.

The easiest way to handle the task is to hire professional contractors such as Go Tenancy Cleaning who provide reliable pre-tenancy cleaning services in London. On the other hand, if you wish to clean your household on your own, here is what you should do.

Set a time for one hour

Time limitations tend to add supplementary pressure, which in most cases isn’t welcomed. However, this task requires that you maintain your concentration throughout the entire endeavour, so the knowledge that you`re on the clock will keep you motivated.

Play music

Turn on your stereo system and play your favourite high tempo songs. This will make cleaning more pleasant and will boost your energy levels.

Start with the living room

The living room is the place of your household through which everybody will pass multiple times daily. It is beyond any doubt the most soiled and tarnished room in a house. Commence by opening the windows to allow fresh air to enter and start cleaning by wiping all surfaces. Then vacuum your upholstery before you turn attention to the floor. If you have a carpet, vacuum it attentively because studies show that rugs and carpets are the items that accumulate the most harmful particles such as:

Sanitise the kitchen

After the living room, your kitchen is the second most used area of a home. It is also the room in which you prepare your meals and keep your food, so it is of paramount importance that you maintain it crystal clean at all time. Open your fridge, and wipe its interior. Sanitise the exterior of your fridge and clean the oven in analogically. Then use a clean sloth to wipe off the dust from your kitchen countertops. End the cleaning of your kitchen by vacuuming the floor.

Move to the bathroom

Wipe clean the mirror and other surfaces before you wash your bathtub or shower cabin. Pour disinfected into the toilet and flush the water. Replace the used towels with new ones. Mop the floor.

End the cleaning with the bedrooms

You should clean your bedrooms analogically to the living room. Open the windows and remove dust build-ups by wiping all surfaces with a clean cloth. Don’t forget to sanitise the interior of the wardrobe in order to remove moths. Vacuum the floor and if the room has a carpet, clean it with extreme attention. Place clean bed linens to end the sanitation of the bedrooms and your newly leased house as a whole.

As you see, cleaning a household doesn’t have to be a time consuming and tiresome job. The only thing that you have to do is to have the proper mind set for the job.