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How to Maintain Your Floors Clean at All Times

If only our homes could be in a perfectly clean condition throughout the entire week, the world would be a much better place. Well, unless you are constantly walking around your house with a microfiber cloth and a vacuum cleaner or if you are regularly using effective carpet cleaning services in London, this will be tricky to achieve. That is why most people clean their homes once or twice per week. But there is one part of every building, be it residential or commercial, that should be kept clean at all times – the floors and the carpets. Many of the dangerous microorganisms that are lurking in your house can be found namely on your floors. Some people would say that they do not eat their food off the floor so things like microbes and germs on their floor tiles, mats and rugs is not a big deal for them. However, if you manage to maintain your floors and carpets clean at any given moment, you will reap many benefits because your home will be:

  • Free of bacteria, dust, dirt and allergens
  • Presentable, cosy and neat
  • Easier to clean than ever

Achieving that is actually easier than you probably think, which is why it is worth trying it.

Vacuum clean your home regularly

A home with a clean floorIf you vacuum clean your house every other day, your floor will remain clean for a very long time. If you have kids or pets, you can even invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner which will make the whole process much easier and quicker. Pay some extra attention to the heavy footfall areas and the doormats because these are usually some of the dirtiest places in a home.

Work that feather duster

Aside from regularly vacuum cleaning your house, you should also dust the surfaces in it every few days. You do not need to use special products every single time. In fact, it is not advisable to do so because they will start to build up with time and that will only result in more dust.

Shoes off the carpet

Avoid walking with your shoes on the carpets. Make a habit out of wearing house slippers and your floors will remain clean for quite a while. Plus, they will be much easier to maintain as they will be less likely to turn into dirt and mud traps. If you are living in a rented home, you will be more likely to get your full deposit back when you move out, since your carpets will be in a near perfect condition. If they are not, you will have to call in the professionals. If you are living in areas like HA3 or HA7, you are in luck since booking an all-round end of tenancy cleaning in Belmont is now available at a low price.

Ban eating in front of the TV

Eating anywhere outside of the kitchen or your dining area can also prevent you from enjoying a squeaky-clean floor at all times. Therefore, you should avoid snacks in bed or on your living room sofa, for example. That will also help you prevent the possibility of getting your carpeting stained by food and drinks.