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Ways to Slash Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Costs

Every tenant in the United Kingdom is obligated to clean and tidy up the rental property before they vacate it. This is a clause that is featured in every tenancy contract and there is simply no way around it. But sanitising an entire house or a flat requires not only time but also money. In their attempt to reduce their end of lease cleaning costs, many tenants try to handle this task on their own. If you have the free time to undertake this job and some past experience with moving out cleaning, go ahead. However, if you really want to save money, you should:

  • Rely on professional cleaning technicians
  • Avoid opting for cheaper cleaning alternatives (such as one-off cleaning)
  • Not spent money on supplies and equipment
  • Do your best to make cleaners’ work easier

Think of the end goal

The reason why such a thing like end of tenancy cleaning exists is to simply serve as a guarantee that the landlord will get their property back in a decent condition. That is why they ask for a rental deposit when you first move in and that is also why they will not return that deposit to you if you fail to meet your moving-out cleaning obligations. So, when you feel like there is really no point in putting any effort into this task, remind yourself of the money you can lose if you don’t do it.

Hire professionals

Yes, relying on your two hands to clean the property can be several times more affordable compared to hiring a team of vetted cleaners to take care of that task. But even if you do not do a good job out of it, you will still lose your tenancy deposit. So, unless you are extremely confident in your cleaning skills and you know exactly what is required out of you, it is always best if you book local end of tenancy cleaning in Chessington KT9, for example.

Be prepared when the cleaners arrive

Many cleaning companies charge by the hour. Therefore, make sure that you do not slow down the work of the cleaners. Provide them with a parking spot so that they will not need to spend money on parking fees. Tidy up the home to allow them to get to the cleaning part straight away. Also, do not forget to turn off and disconnect all domestic appliances, especially the fridge and the oven.

Don’t rush into buying cleaning products

Reliable cleaning technicians will charge you only £2-3 extra per hour if you ask them to bring supplies and machines. That is a small price to pay for professional-grade products and tools which are not available in the nearby shop.

End of tenancy cleaning and deep cleaning – there is a difference

Compared to deep cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning features a greater service pack. That is why it is often more expensive compared to the one-off alternative. Many tenants who opt for a spring cleaning service instead of a specialised moving-out solution, end up paying extra in the end for steam carpet cleaning in London, for instance, because their landlord is not happy with the final results.