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Items you need to Clean more often in your Home

You dust, vacuum, wash the dishes and do everyday chores that seem “obvious” but there are few items in your house that demand more attention. Deep clean is necessary from time to time in your house. Here are some tips on what items you need to clean more often to improve the quality of your life.

Clean your keyboard

Do you know that your computer keyboard is probably dirtier and contains more germs that your toilet seat? As shocking as this may sounds, you often use your keyboard without washing your hands first. And you almost never clean it, right? So, next time you decide to use your computer, take a minute and clean your keyboard first.

Clean your mattress

MattressWhen was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Most people rarely clean it because they assume changing sheets is enough. Well, it isn’t because mattresses are dead skin collectors, which is not hygienic. You should air out your mattress once in a while and vacuum it afterwards. Also, it is recommended that you replace it every 8 to 10 years.

Clean your remote controls

Everybody in house touches a remote control, even your guests when they come over. If you have pets, they are probably sitting on it at times. Remote controls are assumed to be one of the dirties parts of your households. They can be covered in grease, grime, dirt and dust. All of these might cause serious health issues. Therefore, take some time to clean your remote control from time to time.

Clean your couch

Since we all spend a lot of time on our couches, drinking and taking snacks, it is important to clean them regularly. You should vacuum and clean it with an antiallergenic cleaner perhaps every two weeks. But you can use a blanket to cover your couches so maintaining gets a lot easier. Just wash the blanket in your washing machine.

Clean your washing machine as well

Your washing machine needs a cleanup now and then. Just because it is used for cleaning and washing doesn’t mean it doesn’t require a little care. Just wipe it inside once in a while and leave the door opened after every use, until it is completely dry inside.

Clean your kitchen sponges

Just like with washing machines, sponges are used for cleaning, and they also require regular cleanups. Sponges are probably the dirtiest part of your kitchen. They are always moist and the moisture is where all kinds of bacteria lurk. Therefore, replace your sponges regularly and toss the old ones into the trash. You can clean them by putting them into a dishwasher.

Clean your carpets

Vacuuming helps a lot when having your carpets cleaned. But you should clean them thoroughly with a brush or rag and some mild carpet cleaner. But, it is recommended that you deep clean it once a year by a professional cleaning company to make sure all the dirt and dead skin cells are completely gone.