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The City of Westminster Described in Four Areas

Westminster is a city and a London Borough that consists of a little over 20 districts. However, four of them seem to perfectly capture the cornerstone aspects of its character. They are quite different from one another and yet they are united by the fact that they are located in the City of Westminster –…

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Six Simple and Effective Green Cleaning Tips

Baking soda

Green cleaning is becoming more and more popular because it is effective and you don’t have to use dangerous toxic cleaners that are not only risky for your health but also are: A great threat to our environment; More expensive; Neither pet nor child-friendly; Not suitable for all types of surfaces and fabrics; Here are…

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Cleaning the Planet

Green planet

Renewable sources of energy make headlines in London and the world over. Citizens are concerned about the future of the planet. Curiously enough, Londoners are keen on making money, but they are also inclined to demand that that money comes from credible and ethical sources. It is an understandable decision, and environmentally and socially conscious…

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Items you need to Clean more often in your Home


You dust, vacuum, wash the dishes and do everyday chores that seem “obvious” but there are few items in your house that demand more attention. Deep clean is necessary from time to time in your house. Here are some tips on what items you need to clean more often to improve the quality of your…

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Living with a Sloppy Roommate


Being tidy and neat is a virtue of many people but there are people who simply do not pay attention to whether their living space is clean or not. Perhaps they do not realize it or feel the need to do some cleaning around the place but if that person is your roommate, problems might…

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Home Cleaning Solutions Using Natural Ingredients

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Despite all the attractive advertisements of home cleaning detergents, we all know that they are quite hazardous and can cause serious illnesses. So it’s worth putting some efforts in cleaning your home with natural products. Thus you will not only save a big amount of money, but you will also help saving the environment and…

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How to Clean Your Home If You Have an Allergy

Vacuum-cleaning a carpet

You have probably heard the saying “My home is my sanctuary.” However, if you suffer from an allergy, you may not agree with that. No matter how comfortable and pretty your house is, it is filled with various allergy triggers such as: Dust mites; Pollen; Cockroaches; Mould; If you have a pet like a cat…

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The four main areas in Barking and Dagenham

Example of public art in Barking

When you go to the north east of the City, along the bank of the River Thames, you are inevitably going to happen upon the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. With population of a little over 180 000 people, most of whom live in the Becontree Estate, Barking and Dagenham is one of the less…

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Tips For Preparing For A Removal No One Tells You About

Cleaning supplies

Moving homes is a serious business and it should be approached in this fashion. If you are looking for a stress-free way to conduct your domestic relocation, you need to consider a few factors and get several tasks done well before your moving date. The three most important items on your list should be, as…

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Questions to ask before you start renting a flat

For rent sign

We live in the so called Generation “Rent” – more people than ever opt for long term renting instead of buying their own properties, being houses of flats. We are not here to discuss the reasons for this phenomena – they are quite a few and complex, to be honest – but rather to provide…

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