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Four interesting areas in Redbridge

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The London Borough of Redbridge lies in the northernmost parts of the English capital. It was formed in 1965 with the merger of the following areas: Municipal Borough of Ilford Northern parts of the Municipal Borough of Dagenham South eastern parts of the Chigwell Urban District Municipal Borough of Wanstead and Woodford. Redbridge is known…

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Quick and Easy Barbecue Cleaning

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It’s barbecue season! The summer is here and people are setting up the old grill in its strategic backyard or lawn position for another season of sizzle, drizzle and laughs with family and friends. One thing about barbecue grills though – they need cleaning, and if the good old barbecue hasn’t been cleaned since last…

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Reviewing Brent And Its Districts

Alperton Station

The London Borough of Brent is perhaps located at the most attractive place in Greater London. This explains why the area is a magnet to many people looking for a new place to live. It really has it all as its districts contain market places, malls, stadiums and a plenty of pubs and restaurants. Even…

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Let’s explore Camden

The Roundhouse

The Borough of Camden lies in North West London and is classified as an inner area. It spreads over 8.4 square miles and according to the latest information gathering has a population of about 240.000 and a density rate of 29.000 people per square mile. Camden is comprised of 26 districts some of which are…

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Let’s explore the Borough of Islington

Clerkenwell Road

Islington is the second smallest borough in the British capital and the third smallest district in England. It was formed in 1965 when the Metropolitan Boroughs of Finsbury and Islington were merged together. Today, it spans over an area of 5.74 square miles and has an estimate population of 216.000 people. It has one of…

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A guide to Bexley

Blackfen Road

The Borough of Bexley is situated in the easternmost parts of London. It is classified as an outer borough and spreads over an area of 23.38 square miles which makes it the seventh largest borough of the English capital. Bexley has an estimate population of 240.000 and a density rate of 10.000 people per square…

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Enfield – By Industry Ever Stronger

Enfield Town Centre

The London Borough of Enfield is situated in North London, England. The borough was formed midway through the nineteen sixties by a merger of three former municipal boroughs – those of Enfield, Edmonton and Southgate. The borough is almost entirely located in North London with the exception of few areas considered to be part of…

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Is the Borough of Havering London’s New Tourist Magnet?

St James, Chase Cross

Havering is one of London’s Outer Boroughs. As a result, it is mainly suburban in character. Although it has a population of nearly 240,000 people, Havering is among the tiniest London boroughs in terms of territory. It spans over a little over of 43 square miles, which makes it the second smallest borough of the…

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Areas in Your Home You Need to Tay Special Attention to


There is no need to argue that cleaning is one of the most tedious of all household chores. Very few people actually like it, and even fewer have the time to actually spare in order to achieve optimal results when sanitising their properties. What you need to clean your home right A proper cleaning procedure…

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How to Have Clean Carpets All The Time

Unfolded carpet

Clean carpets are a dream of every woman. But having clean carpets all the time is not easy, which is the reason why many people choose not to have them in their homes. But, don’t worry, carpets are not too high-maintenance. You can choose a DIY option or hire professionals. There are few simple but…

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